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Not Many Clients Can Say, "My Lawyer's a Rock Star."

If you find there's an edge to Phil Wormdahl, you're right. As a criminal defense attorney with a solo practice by day, Phil passionately defends people accused of crimes – spending an average of four days a week in court. But when the tie comes off, he rocks the stage in a U2 tribute band as guitarist, The Edge.

While it seems there could be some discordance between these two careers, both gigs are working well for him. Phil is equally at home in front of a judge and jury, or in front of a screaming audience, which works to his clients' advantage. Knowing that even the smallest issue can result in long-lasting consequences for his clients keeps "Phil by day" focused and dedicated. This level of commitment is what makes Phil so successful as a solo attorney.

A mix of criminal defense attorney and musician, Phil knows his way around a courtroom as well as a stage.
A mix of criminal defense attorney and musician, Phil knows his way around a courtroom as well as a stage.
"As a musician and as an attorney, I know when sometihng doesn't sound quite right."

He's Found What He's Looking For

While in law school, the U2 tribute gig fell in his lap. As a kid, Phil taught himself guitar by learning U2 songs, so when a friend of a friend had a U2 tribute band that needed a guitarist, Phil stepped in. Part of him wondered if he had the time, but the other part couldn't pass on such a unique opportunity. It turned out to be a leap of faith well worth making. His band has played all over the country and recently went overseas to Iraq to entertain the troops – a life changer. A similar leap of faith led Phil to start his own law practice.

Graduation from law school into a rough economy meant competing for jobs against more experienced attorneys. So Phil decided to create his own opportunity. One of his interviews eventually led to an invitation to set up his solo shop within an experienced criminal defense firm. Today, he partners with these attorneys, just as he partners with his band mates for making great music. Collaboration in work and play.

Everyone Has the Right to a Fair Trial. Good Music? That's An Inalienable Privilege.

Phil's go-to tool on stage is his favorite guitar; his go-to tool while in the courtroom is the WestlawNext iPad® app. Two state-of-the-art instruments. While in court, if the prosecutor's argument doesn't sound quite right, Phil can just type something into WestlawNext and instantly get presented with the most relevant results.

More and more attorneys are coming to rely on WestlawNext as their personal research assistant, with results that can be quickly narrowed down by jurisdiction. Search results are easy to scan and are presented in a clean, organized interface. It's why WestlawNext is at the top of this attorney's set list.

Phil's law firm: Utah DUI Advocate

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