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J.D. by Day, DJ by Night

Meet Rishi Bagga (a.k.a. DJ Rishi B), an Orlando solo attorney, and avid mixologist. His podcast, ElectricVibes, features the latest – and classic – in-house, dance, electro, and trance music. How does a busy attorney find time to be a disc jockey? Well, when it's a passion, you find the time.

"Of course, when I was a prosecutor, [DJing] was something that was much harder for me due to work limitations," Rishi says about doing live shows on weekends. "But I didn't want to stop DJing, so I started posting mixes online. I still occasionally do live events, too. It's not really for the money ... it's more of a passion of mine."

Just push play? Hardly. Rishi uses turntables, mixing boards, and computers to craft the perfect mix.
Just push play? Hardly. Rishi uses turntables, mixing boards, and computers to craft the perfect mix.
"It's not really for the money ... it's more of a passion of mine."

How it All Started

Rishi started DJing when he was 13 years old. "It was my sister's 19th birthday party," Rishi recalls. "We hired a DJ, but he cancelled at the last minute. I had always recorded songs off the radio and I thought, 'hey, let me try and do this.'"

Just selecting songs and pushing play wasn't going to cut it. Rishi wanted to do it right. So a trip to the electronics store to get real equipment was in order. By hooking up his shiny new "starter" mixer with his Walkman® and his dad's tape deck, Rishi had everything he needed for his first gig.

"It ended up being a lot of fun and everybody enjoyed it," Rishi remembers with a smile on his face. And on that day, a DJ was born.

Over the next few years he had friends – and friends of friends – asking him to DJ for their parties. At one gig, some people who worked at some of the area's theme parks happened to be there. And they were impressed.

"They said, 'You know, if you get some real equipment, you can try out for us,'" Rishi recalled. Another bigger, shinier new mixer later, and Rishi was playing at the largest theme parks in town. (And remember, this is Orlando. So, really, we're talking about some of the biggest theme parks in the world!)

During his undergraduate and law school years, Rishi continued DJing on the weekends and entered DJ competitions to help pay for his education.

Leveraging the Latest Technology

Rishi uses state-of-the-art audio equipment to deliver the perfect mixes to his audience. And his law firm, Bagga Law, leverages the latest law firm technology to deliver superior services to its clients. From social media to videoconferencing to online billing to a cloud-based Web portal for clients to review their case documents, the firm makes it easy for clients to stay connected.

And of course, the firm uses the most advanced legal research tool on the planet: WestlawNext.

"I like it a lot," Rishi said about WestlawNext. "I shopped around, especially as a guy who was starting out on his own. I wanted to keep my expenses down, and there are low-cost alternatives out there. However, once I gave a WestlawNext free trial a whirl, it was pretty clear this was the way I wanted to go."

Rishi cited two main reasons for his choice:

1. Speed and efficiency – "I get the results I'm looking for a lot quicker," he says.

2. Confidence – "I wanted to be able to confidently talk to my clients about whatever issue they have. Having come from a criminal law background, I originally had some hesitation about doing civil work. But then I thought that having a stronger research service would be the equalizer. It's worked so far! I am proud to say that I have been able to do the work without any hesitations and delve into different practice areas and still be successful at it."

WestlawNext gives Rishi more time to pursue both his passions. "It helps me prepare to stand before a judge, and gives me more time to stand behind a turntable."

Rishi's law firm: Bagga Law

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