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The Only Complete System for Producing Secure, Custom-Formatted, Signed Transcripts

RealLegal E-Transcript technology is the benchmark for electronic transcripts and the standard delivery format for litigators nationwide.

E-Transcript files ensure page and line integrity, allow for custom formatting, and offer the security of a tamperproof, electronic signature.

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West Publisher

Combine All Transcripts, Exhibits, and Video Into a Single Bundle for Clients

West Publisher combines the strengths of RealLegal Publisher, the clarity of LiveNote LEFMaker and the power of Case Notebook software into a single elegant product.

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LiveNote Stream

Connect Off-Site Participants to Live Depositions and Trials

LiveNote Stream broadcasts live audio, video, and transcript text from depositions, arbitrations, or trials to anyone clients authorize.

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Case Notebook

Organize – Analyze – Collaborate

Attorneys can input all the transcripts, exhibits, and video clips received from their court reporters into this electronic case file. From that point, the attorneys use Case Notebook to share key facts, insights, notes, documents, main characters, evidence, legal research, and more.

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