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The Only Complete System for Producing Secure, Custom-Formatted, Signed Transcripts

RealLegal E-Transcript technology is the benchmark for electronic transcripts, and the standard delivery format for litigators nationwide.

E-Transcript files ensure page and line integrity, allow for custom formatting, and offer the security of a tamperproof, electronic signature. The free E-Transcript Viewer is all that's needed to view an E-Transcript. Unlike other formats, E-Transcript files are also compatible with Westlaw Case Notebook and other popular litigation software.


E-Transcript Manager provides a central dashboard for agency production staff to manage multiple reporters, transcripts, and jobs. The application enables production staff to:

  • Automatically receive digitally signed transcript files from reporters in the field – or directly import transcripts
  • Easily standardize and tailor transcript appearance (such as font styles and cover pages) and utilize full-sized or condensed printing options by using Themes
  • Easily build a hyperlinked word index for clients to quickly locate relevant testimony
  • Protect the transcript with lockout codes and passwords
  • Apply a tamper-proof E-Transcript Signature for no additional charge


E-Transcript Reporter Edition creates a virtual pipeline between a court reporter's computer and the agency's production queue. The application enables reporters to:

  • Import ASCII files
  • Share files with scopists or proofreaders
  • Apply a tamper-proof E-Transcript Signature
  • Send the edited transcript and turn-in sheet directly to the agency's E-Transcript Manager
  • Avoid unnecessary courier fees, rushed visits to the agency, and the risk of losing files in email
  • Easily manage multiple jobs for different agencies for no additional charge
  • Unlimited installations

E-Transcript Reporter Edition and E-Transcript Manager are included in every RealLegal Workflow and RealLegal Enterprise subscription.

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