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Combine All Transcripts, Exhibits, and Video into a Single Bundle for Clients

West Publisher is included in every RealLegal MultiMedia subscription. West Publisher's benefits include:

  • Streamlined interface and functionality. Publisher is sleek, simplified, and similar in appearance to the LiveNote and Case Notebook software used by attorneys. Entering bundle properties, metadata, and cover-page specifications is now optional.
  • One simple viewer for everything. For ease of use, all transcripts, exhibits, and video files display in a single viewing window.
  • Greater flexibility for Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Publisher includes the OCR Engine with every licensed installation. The result is greater convenience in converting imaged exhibit documents into fully searchable content, while having the flexibility to select which exhibits to OCR.
  • Improved flexibility in import formats. Publisher makes it more intuitive to select multiple exhibit documents for import and to define whether the multiple files represent a single, multiple-page exhibit or multiple, single-page exhibits. The MediaSync application includes the same flexibility with video formats as in earlier Publisher versions.
  • Automatic hyperlinks to exhibit names and references. Publisher automatically creates hyperlinks between every mention of "exhibit" in the transcript and the actual exhibit document selected. Wildcard search technology makes it easier to create hyperlinks from additional terms in the transcript. Manual link and unlink functionality is available.
  • Access legacy files from Publisher or LEFMaker. Publisher makes it easier than ever to update bundles with new files. Additionally, Publisher opens any LEF file and is reverse compatible with Publisher 2.x, 3.x and 4.x.
  • MediaSync. Save hours of valuable time by using MediaSync to automatically align individual lines of transcript text with the recorded spoken word.


The majority of top U.S. law firms use LiveNote or Case Notebook software to manage transcripts. Publisher ensures compatibility with these firms, as well as with every client of these firms. That's because Publisher can save bundles in several formats, including:

  1. .PTZ file. This format imports directly into LiveNote or Case Notebook software. Once imported, all documents in the PTZ file (transcripts, documents, links, and video synchronization data) are available to be viewed, annotated, and added to legal documents.
  2. Various legacy formats. Some clients may request the bundle in a format that works with other proprietary products. These formats include a Publisher 4.x bundle, a LiveNote LEF file, a Summation SBF, a Sanction MDB, or a Sanction Case MDB.
  3. E-Transcript Bundle Disk. This option includes the free E-Transcript Bundle Viewer to display the transcripts, exhibits, links, and video. When the disc is inserted into a computer, the bundle automatically opens in the free viewing software and everything in the bundle can be viewed and saved.
  4. PDF Bundle. Once a document is complete, there is an option for PDF bundling.

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