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March 2012

If you need to revisit prior research, it should be fast

Q: Last week, I did some extensive research on WestlawNext, in which I viewed more than 80 documents. I now need to update last week's research. Is there any way to do this in less time than it took last week?

A: Yes, WestlawNext has features that will reduce the time it takes to update or repeat previous research, including the following:

    WestlawNext history (with Saved to Folder and Note Added icons
  • History: All of your searches you ran and documents you viewed in the past year—under all client IDs you used—are listed in your WestlawNext history. By narrowing the list by date range, content type, and other filters, you can quickly isolate the work you did on a specific project. In addition, KeyCite status flags next to listed items are updated automatically. To rerun a search or view a previously viewed document, click the appropriate link in your history display.
  • Folders: If you saved important documents to one or more WestlawNext folders, you can quickly run a Boolean (terms and connectors) search for documents within those folders or filter your folder display as you prefer.
  • Previously Viewed (eyeglasses) icon: If you rerun a search, the Previously Viewed (eyeglasses) icon will appear on your result list next to every document you've opened in the last 30 days, provided you use the same client ID as before. This feature—along with the Viewed in the last 30 days filters—can really streamline your browsing.
  • Note Added icon: Suppose you had previously viewed a large number of documents but deemed only a few of them significant enough to add notes or highlighting. The Note Added icon appears on your result list next to every document to which you had added a note or highlighting, thus making it easier to identify the significant documents quickly.
  • Saved to Folder icon: The Saved to Folder icon will appear on your result list next to every document you previously saved to a folder. You can also narrow your result list by using the Saved to a Folder and Not Saved to a Folder filters.

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