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March 2012

Folder and document descriptions: "So that's why I saved this!"

Descriptions in WestlawNext folderIt's easy to create folders and subfolders on WestlawNext and save important documents in them. But how easy is it to remember

  • the significance of the XYZ folder?
  • the significance of the XYZ-43 subfolder within it?
  • what you were thinking when you saved the Smith case there?

It recently got very easy.

You can now add descriptions—up to 250 characters each—to folders, subfolders, and saved documents in WestlawNext. While viewing your folders, simply hover your mouse over the folder or document name, click the Add Description icon that is displayed, type a description (e.g., leading cases—cite in Johnson brief!) in the text box, and click Save.

When you view your folder display, you will see your descriptions at a glance.

And when you share your folders with colleagues, descriptions are displayed for every recipient of the shared project. Descriptions in shared folders are displayed for all participants, providing a quick indication of a document's relevance to those working with a shared folder. Owners may add, edit, and delete all descriptions added by participants. Contributors may edit and delete the descriptions they've added. Reviewers are only able to view descriptions added by others.

You can thus boost your productivity by adding descriptions to folders and saved documents when you want to:

  • indicate the context or significance of the folder or documents saved to it
  • provide a quick note about a document's relevance to those working with a shared folder
  • keep track of your colleagues' interactions with a document across matters and projects.

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