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Teaching Legal Research and Writing

Vol. 13, No. 1
Fall 2004
Perspectives - Teaching Legal Research and Writing

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Brutal Choices in Curricular Design ...
Holistic Scoring
(PDF document 76K)
Willa Wolcott

Teachable Moments for Teachers ...

Writers' Toolbox ...
That Old Friend, the Tree-Branching Diagram
(PDF document 60K)
Anne Enquist

Writing Tips ...
The Matter of Mistakes
(PDF document 52K)
Martha Faulk

Teachable Moments for Students ...

Book Review ...

Legal Research and Writing Resources:
Recent Publications
(PDF document 64K)
Donald J. Dunn

Index to Perspectives: Teaching Legal Research and Writing
Volumes 1-12 (1992-2004)
(PDF document 240K)
Prepared by Mary A. Hotchkiss