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Join thought leaders from two of the legal industry's most recognized brands-one Big Law, one New Law-on a journey through time to identify four possible future worlds in the year 2030. ...
Paying Attention to the Canaries in KM's Mineshaft

Law Firm Business Professionals: New Roles, New Titles, New Respect?

The tide may be turning when it comes to the "nonlawyer" senior business professionals in today's law firms.

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Law Firm Space Planning as a Knowledge Management Strategy

Legal Project Management and Pricing— Understanding the UK Jackson Reform

The objective of the Jackson Reform is cost management of litigation cases. Several rules will have a significant impact on how civil litigation is conducted in the UK and provide lessons and thoughts for U.S. litigators as well.

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Crowdsourcing and Work Synergies

An Introduction to Lean Six Sigma As Applied to the Law Firms

Learn about the Lean Six Sigma methodology from a high level, how it compares to other similar disciplines, and how to get a lean initiative started in your firm.

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Big Law: Big Data

Defining a Framework for Legal Information Governance

With the exploding amount of internal data, law firms are instituting information governance systems to collect, organize, maintain, and secure their digital records.

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Managing Risk Disruption Through Internal Risk Structures: An interview with Donald Caputo, Chief Internal Auditor, Shearman & Sterling

You Know What They Say ...

Social media is an outlet for customers and competitors to express their opinions and ideas. Some of it is good and some of it is bad, but it's a conversation that you don't want to miss.

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