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Medical Litigator Images 1.0 (2/17/07)
This software enables customers to browse Thomson Reuters Collection of Medical Illustrations. Subscribers to Westlaw Pro Plans containing Medical Litigator Images will also be provided Smart Labels editing functionality. This functionality allows customization of the figure titles, labels, and leader lines on images downloaded from the Attorneys Medical Atlas, Blausen Medical Illustrations: the Standard Collection, and Blausen Medical Illustrations: the Premier Collection databases on Westlaw®. The next page lists all system requirements.

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Medical Litigator Images 1.0 Catalog Update 1 (10/29/2010)
This catalog update to Thomson West's Collection of Medical Illustrations provides users access to edit over 150 new images added since the initial release. All Medical Litigator Catalog updates require a complete existing installation of the application to be updated. It is strongly recommended that you close the Medical Litigator Images 1.0 software before running a patch update.
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