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Intuitive Estate Planner 17.2 (3/3/2014)
Intuitive Estate Planner Version 17.2: (1) Rhode Island state estate tax exemption updated; (2) Illinois state estate tax adjusted for 2014 and later; (3) Multistate state estate tax calculations when state 1 is state of residence updated to reflect post-ATRA state allocation methods; (4) Duplicate deduction of state death tax at Diagrams and Inheritance Analysis corrected; (5) Deferred FET, 2% Portion updated; (6) Help file updated; and (7) Utility Enter Current AFRs updated.
To apply this upgrade you must have Intuitive Estate Planner Version 17.1 installed.
Intuitive Estate Planner Version 17.1: (1) Enhanced and updated Help topics relating to nonresident state estate tax calculation and generally; (2) Updated AFR rates; (3) Updated Consumer Price Index Table for 2014; (4) DE estate tax extended after 2012, MD inheritance tax calculation added, NJ simplified inheritance tax calculation added, TN inheritance tax calculation, with proration of exemption for multi-state property, updated, IN inheritance tax repeal adjusted for, HI estate tax updated, WA estate tax updated; (5) Calculation of state estate tax in general (and when an Asset entry is identified as State 2 or State 3 with proration with State 1 property), updated to reflect post-ATRA state estate tax return methods for 2013, with calculation of QTIP election for State 2 and State 3 property for all states permitting such an election added; (6) Posting of Charitable deductions created by CRUTs and CRATs corrected; (7) Topics having pop-up explanations have been revised to assure correct operation in all configurations; and (8) Installation is now required to be "Run as administrator" to avoid conflicts with various versions of Windows.
To apply this upgrade you must have Intuitive Estate Planner Version 17.0 installed.
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