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Attention: All Users

The updates (patch files) below contain all of the effective date revisions, modifications, additions and deletions for all Legal Solutions forms. Legal Solutions patch files can be downloaded by current subscribers of the software.

A patch will not function as a stand-alone application, nor should it be considered inclusive of all updated forms normally found on a CD-ROM update. Users should continue to install the forms upon receipt of the updated CD-ROM to ensure that the forms library is complete and up-to-date.

Legal Solutions is designed to be compatible with the standard Windows operating systems listed in the system requirements and to function correctly under the installation configurations outlined in the Installation Guide. Customer Technical Support is available to all users working under those conditions. Thomson Reuters does not claim compatibility with any other operating systems, multi-user environments, or installation configurations such as Mac OS, Linux, Novell, Citrix, Terminal Services, etc. We are unable to provide support for Legal Solutions in any operating environment or installation configuration not specifically included in the Installation Guide.

Software Updates (Updates require IE7 or Firefox)
California State Forms Update (9/11/14)
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California County Forms Update (9/4/14)
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Federal Forms Update (8/5/14)
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Microsoft Vista
Legal Solutions Plus Vista Compatibility »

Chap 7..13 with Plan 13 Bankruptcy Filing Software
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