Greenspoon Marder, PA

My name is Brent Kimball, an associate at Greenspoon Marder.

I first learned about WestlawNext when a representative gave a presentation at our firm. After the representative left, the partners were teasing … they looked at me and said that they'd be able to give me more work now because I'd be able to do it more efficiently. And, it turns out they're right.

"The partners figured they could give me more work now ... Turns out they're right."
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Brent Kimball
Brent Kimball

The clichés about being a first-year attorney turned out to be true. You're on-call or working constantly. On a typical workweek, you may come in and have five different projects from five different partners that are unaware that you've got multiple commitments. That can induce a lot of panic.

WestlawNext allows you to not worry about having to prioritize as much as you did before, because you know you're going be able to finish the task and not have to choose which partner is going to be angry at you all week.


I began turning my research projects around back to the partners much quicker than I was before. At first they were a little concerned that maybe I wasn't finding everything I should or that perhaps I was cutting corners. But, now they've seen that the program just makes it that much more efficient. It's just a win-win situation.

WestlawNext allows me to spend more time with the cases, as opposed to simply searching for the cases.

"It makes my work more efficient and more accurate."

Brent's ad as featured in Around the Bar and ABA Journal Brent's ad is featured in Around the Bar and ABA Journal.

WestlawNext has changed the way I research and makes my work more efficient and more accurate by allowing me to get the search done in one shot.

"I don't want to say it reads your mind, but its pretty darn close to it."

WestlawNext is a lot more intuitive than any of the programs I've used before. It returns results that I didn't even really necessarily know that I was looking for. I don't want to say it reads your mind, but it's pretty darn close to it.

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