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I'm Daniel Kelly, a shareholder in the litigation department of Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren.

Our clients are always very interested in receiving a cost-effective solution to their problems. Their responsibility is to make sure their companies succeed; we're alongside to help make that happen. When we serve clients with our legal services, we want to make sure we're doing it as cost effectively as possible.

Anything that we can do to bring efficiency to this process is going to help them. WestlawNext does that because of its efficiency.

"WestlawNext is truly a transformation"
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Transforming Research
Daniel Kelly

Our Westlaw representative told us that a new way of using Westlaw was coming and that there was going to be a real transformation in the way in which we do legal research. I was a little skeptical about that. But when we saw WestlawNext and were able to actually get our hands on it and use it, I was pleasantly surprised.

WestlawNext is truly a transformation in the way that we do research, and it's changed the way we look at research. It's changed the way we can be efficient and we're very pleased with how WestlawNext has worked out for us.

Our associates have been very pleased with WestlawNext. It's a natural next step for them.


The transition from westlaw.com to WestlawNext changed not just the way that we do our research, but it changed the way we think about it. WestlawNext approaches questions the way we think.

It's much more efficient. It's much more cost-effective. WestlawNext really blends nicely with the way that we approach the questions that we have to solve for our clients.

It gives us a quick view of the question that we have to answer and then it leads us right down the road, each step of the way, to figure out exactly what the answer needs to be and how to present that.

"It's much more efficient.  It's much more cost-effective."

"Better service at a lower cost, that's what our clients expect." Daniel's ad is featured in National Law Journal.

WestlawNext really helps us deliver a product to clients that is less expensive than what we could provide before, because it is so much more efficient in the way that we can use it.

Predictability in billing is essential … so the more certainty that we can bring to the process the better; not only for us, but for our clients.

"WestlawNext really helps us deliver a product to clients that is less expensive than what we could provide before."

WestlawNext helps us get the right answer, get it quickly, and get it to our clients in a way they can use it. It's fantastic for that.

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