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I'm Tom Scrivo, managing partner of the Newark office of McElroy, Deutsch, Mulvaney & Carpenter. I've practiced law for 21 years; the past 17 at this firm … "A diverse practice that places the client first."

We turn around research projects in one tenth of our previous time.
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We strive to be proactive and anticipate our clients' needs regardless of the economic times. With today's economic realities, clients are more keenly aware of costs and place a much greater emphasis on savings and efficiency. We make sure our clients realize we're managing legal costs wisely by being very efficient. Frankly, one way we do so is by using WestlawNext. With this platform in place, we turn around research projects in one tenth of the time than we did before using different research tools.

WestlawNext has helped us dramatically. The platform is much more in line with modern search engines and how associates use the Internet. What's more, it allows us to store prior research and create folders for individuals or specific disciplines, so associates don't need to reinvent the wheel each time they return to research. We're able to access all the information that Westlaw has to offer, but in a much more modern platform. I find it has the best of everything out there right now, technologically.

Tom Scrivo Tom's ad as featured in Inside Counsel, The Brief, and New Jersey Law Journal
Tom's ad is featured in Inside Counsel, The Brief, and New Jersey Law Journal.
Tom Scrivo

We have absolute confidence in the platform. We've checked it against other sources. It has come back every time to be absolutely perfect, and so we have trust in WestlawNext's source documents. We take those documents and place them into briefs and written product that we file with the court. We wouldn't do that unless we had confidence in WestlawNext.

With the West name comes a great deal of credibility. I think the combination of West and the modern platform pulling data directly from sources has given us the confidence to trust WestlawNext as a preferred vendor.

"WestlawNext provides everything an attorney needs ... I don't know why you would use any other product."

WestlawNext is absolutely the preferred research tool. Associates are enthusiastic about it and they can easily share research with one another. WestlawNext provides everything an attorney needs: credible research, stored searches, folders for specific areas of discipline, the ability to link directly to sources. It has everything, and it is a modern-day search engine. All of this combines to save clients a lot of money. Once I made the switch to WestlawNext, I've never gone back. I don't know why you would use any other product.

"The ability to share research is a huge benefit, is greatly efficient for clients and saves tremendous amounts of money."

Sharing research with clients is a huge benefit. It's greatly efficient for clients, particularly those who use WestlawNext, and it saves tremendous amounts of time and money. We have Fortune 100 companies that are also WestlawNext users and we share research on the platform with them regularly. They have enthusiastically endorsed WestlawNext and have actually required us to use it. We want to use WestlawNext and our clients want us to use it – it's mutually beneficial. WestlawNext has turned out to be a win-win for the firm and for the client.

Clients who know that we are using WestlawNext know that we are doing research in a cost-effective manner, in a way that doesn't have to be duplicated, and that can be shared with them. We believe that the biggest benefit of WestlawNext is the cost-effectiveness. Whether you realize that in the short term or the long term, cost-effectiveness is something that's real and tangible.

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