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April 2012

WestlawNext history: The most flexible trail you've ever seen

WestlawNext history (with delivery options)If you need to recall where your WestlawNext session has taken you—and return to important material—WestlawNext makes it easy.

For example, take the WestlawNext History feature, which allows you to

  • view detailed information about searches you ran (including filters you applied to results), documents you viewed, and KeyCite results and related information you retrieved during the past year
  • narrow the history displayed by Search Within term, date, client ID, or type of research event
  • return to a search, filtered search result, or other research event
  • e-mail, print, or download history information; send it to Amazon Kindle; or export it to West Case Notebook

How to access WestlawNext history

To display the History page, which lists all of your WestlawNext research events for the past year, click History at the top of any WestlawNext page. (If you prefer, you can simply point to History; a list of the five most recent searches run and documents viewed is displayed.)

WestlawNext History page

The WestlawNext History page contains information such as the

  • date, time, and client ID for each research event
  • citation of each document viewed or checked in KeyCite
  • type of research event (e.g., Document View)
  • content category and jurisdiction for each search
  • filters applied to a search result (each filter you applied is a separate entry on the History page)
  • number of documents in each full or filtered search result

In addition, each history entry contains a link so you can easily retrieve the search result, document, or KeyCite display.

How to narrow your WestlawNext history

There are lots of ways to narrow the history displayed on the History page, including these:

  • by date
    To narrow your history by date, choose an option from the Date drop-down list in the left column, e.g., Today or Last 30 Days.
  • by type of research event
    To narrow your history by type of research event (Document View, KeyCite, Related Information, or Search), select one or more check boxes under Event in the left column. To narrow your history to just searches run or documents viewed, you can also click Searches or Documents at the top of the left column.
  • by client ID
    All client IDs you have used in the past year are listed in the left column of the History page. To narrow your history by client ID, select one or more check boxes under Client ID in the left column.
  • by Search Within terms
    You can also narrow your history by typing a term or a Terms and Connectors query in the Search within history text box in the left column and clicking Search. Your history is narrowed to viewed documents containing your Search Within terms.

How to return to documents and searches

To return to a document or search, click its link on the History page. If you click the link for a filtered search, you retrieve the search result with the filter applied.

How to deliver information on your History page

Like other information you retrieve on WestlawNext, information on the History page can be printed, e-mailed, or downloaded. Click the Print, Email, or Download icon at the top of the right column, or click the arrow next to the delivery icon and choose Print, Email, or Download from the menu. A dialog box is displayed. Change the settings, if necessary, and click Print, Email, or Download.

Note: You can also export information on the History page to West Case Notebook or send it to Amazon Kindle.

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