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Practice Innovations - Managing in a changing legal environment
Gray Rule
January 2011 | VOLUME 12, NUMBER 1
Gray Rule

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Change Management in Law Firms-A Solution in Stormy Weather?
The legal industry has been impacted by three main drivers for change: technology, the changing role of in-house counsel, and globalization. ...
Legal Process Outsourcing: A Conversation Between William Scarbrough and Candice Hunter Corby

Carnegie Report: An Update on Educating Lawyers for Real Practice

Many law schools pay insufficient attention to the application of legal thinking in the practice of law, according to a Carnegie report on the education of lawyers. The report advises that lawyers are best taught using a curriculum that integrates doctrine, skills, and professional identity, and recommends revisiting the traditional teaching approach that values legal scholarship over clinical instruction.

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Process Improvement—A Practical Overview

New Faces of the Future Firm

The new law firm business model—producing increased profit through greater efficiency from decreased revenues—demands a strong team of talented business professionals. Firms are now modifying their operations team to place new faces in the usual strategic positions as well as creating entirely new positions to meet the changing needs of the legal landscape.

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Give Me Alternative Fees, or Give Me Death (or Another Law Firm ...)

Corporate Social Responsibility Programs in Law Firms

Corporate social responsibility programs in law firms can be a positive force for generating opportunity and competitive advantage and recruiting and motivating staff. Organizations that fail to participate in the "responsibility revolution" risk becoming obsolete. Here's a look at how several law firms are approaching CSR.

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PHI, HIPAA, ARRA, HITECH? New HIPAA Challenges for Law Firms

Professional Development: Downtrodden but Not Defeated

Professional development in law firms has faced serious challenges during the last two years but a return to program building and strategic talent growth and retention is in the offing. Through careful investment of energy and skills, your firm, your clients, and your associates will recognize its continuing value.

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Book Review: Leading Strategic Change: Bridging Theory and Practice

Book Review: Followership: How Followers Are Creating Change and Changing Leaders

Departing from the leader-centric approach that often dominates thinking about leadership and management, this book makes the case that followers are becoming bolder and more strategic. It identifies five types of followers and argues that organizations that fail to understand them do so at their peril.

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