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Practice Innovations - Managing in a changing legal environment
Gray Rule
July 2011 | VOLUME 12, NUMBER 3
Gray Rule

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How the iPad Is Changing How We Use Computers
The Importance of Social Networking Policies for Law Firms

Value of the Catalog Record in Today's World

Librarians are being asked to reinvent the library and librarian role to meet changing needs under rapidly changing circumstances. Is it also time for the catalog to evolve in a new direction? Emerging platforms such as WorldCat Local and Web-scale Management Services suggest that the necessity of maintaining a separate catalog may indeed be changing.

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Linking In to New Business Development Strategies

Effective Client Research: What's the Right Approach?

Client research plays a critical role in firm efforts to increase revenue by expanding existing client relationships. But integrating the data generated by various departments into a concise and informative package can be a challenge. This article offers a methodology for preparing a useful briefing packet to assist partners in more strategically developing business with existing clients.

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Training Lawyers to Use Social Media

Library Space: To Centralize or Decentralize Is the Question

Despite the increasing reliance on online resources, a centralized, staffed library is still optimal for providing efficient information service to lawyers and support staff. When space limitations make this impossible, creative solutions are called for, based on skillful management of the library, good communication with staff and attorneys, and strong leadership.

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Civil Discourse?

E-Learning: The Future of Law Firm Training

E-learning is a cost-effective tool that has been used successfully by the business sector for years. Law firms are now adopting e-learning to reduce training dollars. With the variety of tools available, online learning can offer a meaningful learning experience in today's demanding work environment.

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Innovating Ahead of the Curve

The Reader Squared

Today's reader enjoys an expanded and empowered world of information. An explosion in the quantity of available information, the creation of new information formats, and the removal of barriers to access have all contributed to an evolution in reading style and, ultimately, a democratization of information.

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