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Bring Your Own (BYO) Everything: How BYO is Transforming Technology in the Workplace
Redefining Who I Am: Digital Identities

Internal Lawyer Mobility - Thoughts on Reducing Risk and Adding Value

The volume of electronic data and resources overwhelms lawyers and information professionals alike. This often means that efficiency and access to necessary information are not aligned with internal lawyer mobility.

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Smartphones:  Securing the Data You Hold In Your Hand

Smartphones: Securing the Data You Hold In Your Hand

Consumers are using their smartphones in ways traditionally reserved for personal computers. The sophistication of smartphones and the amount of information they access has increased their vulnerability to identity and hardware theft.

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Legal Pricing: An Emerging Profession

Decentralized IT Management: We're All In "IT" Together

When IT no longer needs to build servers and deploy applications and backup data, what do they do?

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Secretarial Roles in Transition: Laid Off, Outsourced, and Reengineered. The Future Has Begun

Using Social Networks as a Catalyst for Building Relationships

Analyzing legal department lawyers' use of social media may be useful when considering how to take advantage of these services. But law firms must focus on leveraging these sites as vehicles for building relationships that drive business development.

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Book Review: The Next IQ: The Next Level of Intelligence for 21st Century Leaders by Arin N. Reeves

Gamification In Law Firms? Game On!

Is there a place for gamification in law firms? When implemented with a strategic plan that thoughtfully considers a business task in need of improvement, attorneys and staff become more engaged and knowledgeable.

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