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Driving behaviors that lead to a collaborative, effective work environment for everyone means increased levels of collaboration, client service, profitability, and talent retention.
Thinking Outside the Stacks: New Career Paths for Information Professionals

Lateral Partner Integration Tools

The authors offer two basic tools to help firms be more successful in today’s legal economy where most firms are growing in numbers in order to increase their bottom lines.

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Unleash Your Innovators

Best Practices in Creating Effective Succession Planning Strategies

Several best practices can help navigate the middle ground between forcing a senior lawyer out the door and never having a difficult conversation. Savvy law firms have found that including succession planning as part of an overall strategic planning process can help to overcome resistance from senior lawyers.

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Outside Counsel Guidelines: Navigating the Changing Landscape of Client Demands

Exploring New Roles in Law Firms

Smart organizations take the opportunity to not only upgrade technology, hardware, and software, but also reexamine their workflows, their personnel structure, and the roles inside those structures.

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Sustainable KM

Without a Trace—Anonymizers

Anonymizers are tools that reduce the likelihood of Internet activity being traced back to you. They protect personal information, hiding identifiable and traceable information by accessing the Internet on a user’s behalf.

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Managing the CRM Abyss: Winning the Battle for Data Quality

The Rise of Lean and Six Sigma for Improving Legal Service

Process improvement involves making processes more streamlined, reducing waste, defects or errors, and hopefully thereby increasing effectiveness of the work. In the case of professional services such as law, the theory may be applied to not only back office administrative functions, but also the professional side of the practice.

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